Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here and There

Legos are the prime toy in Max's life these days and typically he wants us to play with him. I usually end up being the good guy chasing around the bad guy (played by Max) who always seems to get away! 

Him telling me I cheated because I surrounded the bad guy. I never catch a break!

Our first taste of warmer weather with a little lunch outdoors. 

Grampy and Nani visited us in February. The kids did not leave their sides for one second the whole weekend. Playing Headbandz game was a real hoot! 

We missed seeing Grampy on his 70th birthday in January, so we had a belated celebration. 

Mr. T caught another virus and was down for the count again. Him in his usual spot on my lap.

Showing off a new fancy shirt from Nani.

Teddy and his cars.

At school, Max had to dress up as a character from his favorite book. And of course, he picked Spongebob. Luckily, Nick has some artistic talent and created this shirt for him. 

Teddy's little girlfriend, Evelyn (our next door neighbor) had a 2nd birthday party at her house this past weekend. Jumpy house, cake and ice cream, and kids didn't want to leave.

I've been an assistant teacher in Max's Sunday School class each week and it's been a real treat to get to know all these adorable kids.

Max had a pancake breakfast at his school this week and we got to see him in his element showing us around.

Our southern style paczkis!

Fat Tuesday called for my annual Jambalaya dinner. With Nick out of town, I figured I'd be the only one to eat it, but the kids devoured it! Especially this guy who had several helpings. 

My little Catholics after the Ash Wednesday mass.

One of Max's homework assignments. I know Max misses his buddy Regie back in Cedarburg alot, but it warms my heart to know he has another good buddy here.  

And last but not least, this happened this week!

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