Monday, November 24, 2014

Leaves, Baths, Swimming and Cars

Here's what we've been up to lately.

It's very rare that Teddy gets a bath alone, so when the time comes, it's pretty hard to get him out, even if the water is freezing cold.

But telling him Curious George needs a ride in the stroller, helps.

Kids just finished their swimming class this month and Max was very proud to show off his freestyle skills.

We visited the Charlotte Auto Show this past weekend and I'm pretty sure the kids sat in in the place.

Enjoying the weather in uptown Charlotte after the Auto Show. 

Violet and her "baby"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

School Fall Festival

Violet and Teddy's preschool hosted a fall festival with games and lots of candy. Each class came in one at a time to play at different stations and win prizes. I helped volunteer for the some of the games and walked around with the kids to help.

Clearly Elsa was the most popular costume among little gals.  

Unfortunately, Teddy was not feeling his Superman costume this day, so an orange t-shirt was his Halloween gear. 

Halloween Visit

Nick's mom came to visit us last week and stayed for the Halloween weekend. Mamaw helped the kids with pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, a little bowling and lots of digging with trucks. We were sad to drop her back at the airport after the weekend ended, but am excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving getaway with the whole Ober family!