Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Last weekend, after saying our goodbyes to the Ober family, we took another walk to Cedarburg's Strawberry Festival hoping it wouldn't be so crowded on a Sunday - we were wrong. But, we were able to find some shade for relaxing.

Violet's Dress: BabyGap, shoes: Pediped
Max's shirt: gifted (not sure of brand but it's the softest fabric ever), shorts: thrifted

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Stroll

Violet took her first stroll today with the help of Max's old car. I'd say she enjoyed it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wet Paint

A bucket of water + a paint brush = fun for an hour

Notice the tongue - his new thing when he's concentrating. 

He's bound to be a catcher - he can squat for days. 

Ober Family Fun

This past week(end) we welcomed the Ober family for a fun-filled visit. We showed them around town, went bowling, listened to an outdoor concert, walked around Cedarburg's Strawberry Festival, rode a hay ride, and played game after game of baseball/soccer/basketball/wrestling.

Baby Jackson taking a nap while the rest of the house ate lunch.

He loves anyone's shoulder.

The basement turned war zone after about three minutes.

A little slip-n-slide to cool off. 

Isabella's corkscrew pig tails.

The proud grandparents and all their grandbabies.

Big Girl

Now that Violet is standing up in her crib, it was about time to take out the bumper pads. And, so far, she seems to love it! Yet, when all four of her pacifiers fall through the slats, it's no fun for Mama.

Making her teeth marks on her brother's old crib.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Jeans Baby

It's really sad that I'm still dressing the kids in blue jeans in the middle of June, but I guess it comes with the territory of living in Wisconsin, right? Yet, with a tushy like this, I don't mind a little blue jeans baby.

jeggings: gifted by Nani

shirt: Myrtle Beach vacation souvenir, jeans: gapkids, shoes: Crocs gifted by Nani

 shoes: Pediped gifted by Nani - you'll notice a theme here :)

onesie: Key West souvenir (gifted by Nani)

I hope he wasn't taking a peek at some older girls!!

Six Months

Since this is our sixth month of living in our "new" home, I decided to update the blog's title and style. And since this blog primarily focuses on the day-to-day activities of the two rulers of the house, it's aptly named. I'm still working on the banner, so don't be surprised if it changes a couple more times. I also plan on posting some house pictures for those who have asked and haven't had a chance to visit yet. I just need to clean up the toys, leftover lunch and unmade beds first!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Style: Heat Wave

For the past several days (except for today), we've had hot hot temperatures. So, I've finally been able to dress little Violet up in this adorable outfit she was gifted when she was first born. It's starting to really sink in that I have a little girl!

Romper: a gift from Aunt Kelly K. (not sure of the brand)

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Friday, June 3, 2011


With my overgrowing rosemary plant (courtesy of J & J for Mother's Day), Max and me made some yummy foccacia bread. And, apparently, all you need to keep a toddler occupied for an hour is some flour,  measuring cups, a spoon and random food items.

The bread needed a little macaroni.  

Waiting for our bread to rise.

A perfect complement to a spaghetti dinner. 

So Big

Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Months Old

Dear Violet, 

At 10 months old, you have developed quite the personality. You dance by swinging your arms back and forth whether in your highchair or anytime you are sitting still. You babble all day long saying, "mama, ba ba, and ay yi yi." You love watching Max race around the house and act silly. You're pulling up on anything and taking a few cruising steps around furniture. You have two bottom teeth, but I suspect two top teeth are making their way soon. You are still nursing, but have taken to a cup pretty well, which we hope will be a permanent transition soon. You sleep all night long and take two restful naps during the day. You rarely cry except while changing your diaper and you give the cutest smiles and funny faces when prompted. We are amazed how fast these past 10 months have flown by and look forward to watching you grow alongside your big brother. Happy 10 months, Viley!

Shirt: Besame Mucho (boutique in Key West), pants: hand me down (Carters), headband: Wal-Mart 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Max has met many new kids on the block, but he's really taken a liking to our next door neighbors, who have a little boy only a couple weeks older than Max.
This is trouble.

Watch out ladies!


Regie had a little too much juice box that day!
They look so innocent.

Max hits up the older lady for a ride.

"I'm outta here!"

Ricky the Raccoon

Our craft idea courtesy of Max's magazine, Wild Animal Baby (a great gift from Aunt Dede.)