Monday, September 30, 2013

Nick's Birthday Weekend

Nick's 34th birthday was this past Friday and to celebrate we had a low key and fun weekend with the kids. The weekend started with early morning presents before work and school. 

Max's homemade card - a birthday cake picture.

We made a chocolate cake for Nick during the day, but the kids weren't happy about having to wait till the birthday boy came home.

Later that night, we roasted hot dogs (after a full dinner of sushi and cake) over the new fire pit in our backyard.

Saturday morning we took a ride to the zoo. 

While at the zoo, Max and Nick wanted to live on the wild side and braved a tall obstacle course.

Walking across the rope bridge.

Teddy got a little tired of watching the big boys on the course, so he took a little snooze in the stroller (here he was just pretending to rest, but later did pass out).

Sunday morning the boys started piling up more wood for the fire pit.

Our weekend ended Sunday night with Nick's annual turkey dinner and plenty of football to watch.

Happy birthday, Nick!! We love you more and more each day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phone Photos

Our first visit to a local children's museum where we met up with Sophia and Sara Hall (old friends of Nick's from Cincinnati) and coincidentally bumped into our neighbors, too.

Ready for the road.

My favorite (and apparently Teddy's, too) fall food - my mom's chili recipe.

My boys and their cars. 

French braids have never looked so cute. 

Max's flag football team. 

Trying to decide which princess to be for Halloween.

Hard to see, but this was a shot of Teddy's "Rod Stewart" hair. 

Who needs spoons for yogurt when hands are much easier.

Real men push pink shopping carts.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Future Prom Dates

Teddy has met an older woman! Evelyn, our next door neighbor, and Teddy have taken a liking to each other and enjoy taking turns behind the wheel. 

Signs of Fall

Even though we're told this is a chillier than normal September, the fall-like temperatures feel like home to us and are welcomed with open arms from the kids. The trees still have most of their leaves, but we did find one that we raked up for a traditional leaf pile up/dive in. A perfect way to spend the first day of fall!


He wore his helmet so leaves wouldn't hurt his head. Such a tough kid, right?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life with Two

A couple years ago, I never thought I'd say two kids was easy. But now with Max in school full time, me and the two leftovers :) have had a chance to go on pleasant bike rides together, play in a fountain fully clothed, and allow Teddy to explore a little more of the house when it's quiet. Life with two most days is simple...MOST days!

Just another thing he's learning he can touch now.

The end result after the fountain and breezy ride home.