Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello, Again

It's been a busy month, hence the quiet on here lately. We're now in the fourth and second weeks of school for Max and Violet and have found a rhythm that seems to be working. I'll do a quick recap of our past month and then post some more this week.

Over Labor Day, we drove to Cincinnati and back to visit with family and good friends who we haven't seen in a looooong time. Nick's parents hosted a party where we got to see extended family members and all our friends' growing families.

Nick's Dad got called into work one night, so we drove to the sight to let the kids see the trucks and lights. And, Violet was impressed to learn that "Papa is the chief!" 

Mark and Tucker had a football game on Sunday morning. And Uncle Matt and Papa are the head coaches. So exciting for the kids to see the boys on the big field.

It was a hot one in the stands for this little one.

I can still remember this boy when he was first born. Crazy how 8 years has passed!

Two peas in a pod. Closest in age and closest in adoration.

Violet at her "Meet the Teacher" day.  

And on her first day. No tears from either of us!

Violet's bestie, Elisabeth in her class, too.

With her loud voice over the classroom, "Goodbye, Mommy" - she was content to see me go.

Stay tuned for more.

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