Monday, March 31, 2014

Gymastics Video

Violet during her floor routines. 

And this is what Max was doing when he should have been watching his sister!

Bathing Suit Shopping Tradition

I remember fondly every year shopping for a new bathing suit with my mom. Aside from the bathing suit itself, it had no special meaning, but it was always something we looked forward to doing together. So when Violet and me went looking for new swim suits recently for our upcoming spring break trip, the memories came flooding back. And I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to start these silly traditions with my beautiful daughter each year!

For the record, we (she) decided on number 2. 

Teddy at 21 Months Old

At Teddy's 18 month appt, he weighed 25 lbs, 2 oz and was 33 3/4" tall. Compared to his brother and sister at this age, he's right on track to grow into their slender and long physiques. With a few mornings alone each week while the big kids are at school, Teddy rules the roost. After demanding a 3rd snack of the morning, we usually play outside, go for a run, complete some errands or hit up the library for story time. And although it's pleasant with just one left at home, it is by no means peaceful. Here are a few examples!  

On and off the potty is the thing to do. Only once has he even used it for what it's there for.

Playing in Violet's room.

Picking up bugs during Max's t-ball game.

The evolution of a temper tantrum mid-shopping trip.

And more dress-up. He does love trucks and trains, too! hahaha

Here is Max and Violet at about the same age. Where has the time gone?

Hugh Hefners

Having Fun Around Town

We've had some not so great weather here lately (yes, I know in comparison to what our family and friends back home have experienced, I shouldn't be complaining). HOWEVER - when you move someplace expecting year-round pleasant weather, it's a little disheartening when you're still wearing winter jackets in March. In any case, through the "wintry" days, we've kept ourselves busy while having fun in and around Charlotte. 

Great idea for businesses - this is a playground retail shop that on Fridays opens it's doors for free play to try out the equipment. Genius if you ask me!  

A little Bruster's ice cream break one night after dinner while Nick was traveling. Maybe not so great of an idea to then try to get these kids to settle down for the night. Rookie mistake!

Teddy and me got to babysit our neighbor's newborn, Deacon for an hour. However, I couldn't get my baby fix in as he slept in his car seat the whole time! 

Tree climbing has been a big thing with Max lately. Good thing our trees aren't very big yet, so he doesn't go very far. No broken arms or legs here yet!

Hanging with neighbors and friends after the St. Patrick's Day parade through Baxter. 

Remember when I said it was a mistake to give these kids ice cream before bedtime. Here is the proof! Instead of quietly reading books, they were putting underwear on their head. Serenity now!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Max and Violet started t-ball this past weekend with their first game. Max and the Scrappers (his team name) have been practicing for a few weeks, so they were a little more prepared than Violet and the Bats. Both games were very entertaining and a thrill to see both kids have fun on the field. We welcome baseball for the next six weeks every Saturday! 

Max at the pitcher's position. He doesn't actually pitch (a coach does or a kid hits off the tee), but he does field a lot there and made some good throws to first base.

Our neighbor, Katherine up to bat for the Scrappers with Coach Nick as the pitcher.

Max's turn at bat. 

He hit some ground balls off of Nick a couple times (unfortunately each kid only gets to bat a couple times, so technically he was 2 for 2)!

Max at second base. 

Clearly the Scrappers' cheerleaders were much more interested in playing on rocks than watching the game.

Violet and the Bats

She was first up to bat. 

She hit the ball about 2 feet off the tee and ran for her life!

Eat my dust!

Dashing for second base.

In the field. You can't see from this angle, but she's looking the wrong way!

Shaking hands after the game was about as entertaining as watching the actual game. 

Coach Nick (yes, he coaches both Max and Violets' teams) giving a pep talk after the game.

It's going to be a fun and long season!