Thursday, April 26, 2012

Funniest Home Videos

Here are some recent videos of the kids. 

Lava Lamp

One of my most vivid memories of hanging at my parents' restaurant, Wings, was a tall, electric blue lava lamp that sat at the end of the round bar. I remember watching the "lava" float up and down, up and down. And when I saw this fun experiment on Modern Parents, Messy Kids, it immediately took me back to that place. Coincidentally, I found an article from the Chicago Tribune describing Wings back in the 80s with its futuristic decor and menu. Read it here for a fun flashback.

Our ingredients: oil, water, food coloring and alka seltzer (don't ask why I had this on hand, because I'm not sure myself). 

Our version of the old electric blue lava lamp.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To Lately

With Nick out of town, our night time routine gets a little crazy. I'm surprised I got the kids to sit for a picture. They're usually jumping on the bed like monkeys. 


This was after she attempted to blow bubbles herself by putting the wand into her mouth.

We got a new lightweight double stroller just in time for Key West! Now if only they would sit in it.

Max's favorite pastime - Uno!

Saturday morning at the zoo. Max completed his animal scavenger hunt even with Violet's help. 

She was making sure he saw the lions.

Max's friend, Regie recently had surgery and he was making a get well card. He even ran it over to his house along with three other things that he swore "would make Regie feel better." Not sure the Sponge Bob stickers did the trick! 

Running with Daddy around the block right before the thunderstorms.

Enjoying our beautiful tulips. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Leo Turns Two!

Easter Saturday, we drove to Chicago to celebrate our cousin Leo's 2nd birthday. Max and Violet loved all of Leo's trains, his backyard toys and especially the cake and ice cream! Sunday morning we had an early brunch and headed back home to relax. Thank you to everyone for the delicious Easter treats and goodies. I'm sure by the time Nick gets home from Detroit later this week, we'll have polished them all off!

The birthday boy.

"I drive!"

The inevitable belly shot.

"It's my party, let's trash the place!"

Back home, we dyed our Easter eggs. But, then I let Max mix and match colors and these were the end result. I actually like this better. Much more original!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Max has been learning, drawing, creating and talking about rainbows in school lately, so I found a fun experiment for us to try. We used three colors to make colored ice cubes and then mixed the same three colors together to see what new colors we could make. He was amazed that using only three colors can make the rainbow!

Focused on the task.

Creating orange was thrilling!

He gives me this look often. Like, "Please, mom, get serious." 

Monday, April 2, 2012


We've officially began "nesting" for the new baby this weekend. Nick got motivated and started painting the baby's room and we ordered new furniture to complete each of the kids' rooms. It's starting to feel very real (and a little scary) that we'll be welcoming a new baby this summer.

This took a lot of patience. I only heard a couple swear words!

Loving the nautical stripes.

Now to bring the rest of the room to reality.

I think these two will give lots of love to the new baby.

Easter Egg Hunt

Our subdivision hosted an early Easter egg hunt this weekend at a local park. Luckily, the kids have had plenty of practice "hunting" for eggs as we've had hunts almost daily in our house. And, as if they weren't going to have enough sweets for the day, we all enjoyed delicious donuts and juice.