Monday, March 31, 2014

Having Fun Around Town

We've had some not so great weather here lately (yes, I know in comparison to what our family and friends back home have experienced, I shouldn't be complaining). HOWEVER - when you move someplace expecting year-round pleasant weather, it's a little disheartening when you're still wearing winter jackets in March. In any case, through the "wintry" days, we've kept ourselves busy while having fun in and around Charlotte. 

Great idea for businesses - this is a playground retail shop that on Fridays opens it's doors for free play to try out the equipment. Genius if you ask me!  

A little Bruster's ice cream break one night after dinner while Nick was traveling. Maybe not so great of an idea to then try to get these kids to settle down for the night. Rookie mistake!

Teddy and me got to babysit our neighbor's newborn, Deacon for an hour. However, I couldn't get my baby fix in as he slept in his car seat the whole time! 

Tree climbing has been a big thing with Max lately. Good thing our trees aren't very big yet, so he doesn't go very far. No broken arms or legs here yet!

Hanging with neighbors and friends after the St. Patrick's Day parade through Baxter. 

Remember when I said it was a mistake to give these kids ice cream before bedtime. Here is the proof! Instead of quietly reading books, they were putting underwear on their head. Serenity now!

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