Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Max and Violet started t-ball this past weekend with their first game. Max and the Scrappers (his team name) have been practicing for a few weeks, so they were a little more prepared than Violet and the Bats. Both games were very entertaining and a thrill to see both kids have fun on the field. We welcome baseball for the next six weeks every Saturday! 

Max at the pitcher's position. He doesn't actually pitch (a coach does or a kid hits off the tee), but he does field a lot there and made some good throws to first base.

Our neighbor, Katherine up to bat for the Scrappers with Coach Nick as the pitcher.

Max's turn at bat. 

He hit some ground balls off of Nick a couple times (unfortunately each kid only gets to bat a couple times, so technically he was 2 for 2)!

Max at second base. 

Clearly the Scrappers' cheerleaders were much more interested in playing on rocks than watching the game.

Violet and the Bats

She was first up to bat. 

She hit the ball about 2 feet off the tee and ran for her life!

Eat my dust!

Dashing for second base.

In the field. You can't see from this angle, but she's looking the wrong way!

Shaking hands after the game was about as entertaining as watching the actual game. 

Coach Nick (yes, he coaches both Max and Violets' teams) giving a pep talk after the game.

It's going to be a fun and long season! 

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