Monday, March 31, 2014

Teddy at 21 Months Old

At Teddy's 18 month appt, he weighed 25 lbs, 2 oz and was 33 3/4" tall. Compared to his brother and sister at this age, he's right on track to grow into their slender and long physiques. With a few mornings alone each week while the big kids are at school, Teddy rules the roost. After demanding a 3rd snack of the morning, we usually play outside, go for a run, complete some errands or hit up the library for story time. And although it's pleasant with just one left at home, it is by no means peaceful. Here are a few examples!  

On and off the potty is the thing to do. Only once has he even used it for what it's there for.

Playing in Violet's room.

Picking up bugs during Max's t-ball game.

The evolution of a temper tantrum mid-shopping trip.

And more dress-up. He does love trucks and trains, too! hahaha

Here is Max and Violet at about the same age. Where has the time gone?

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