Monday, September 30, 2013

Nick's Birthday Weekend

Nick's 34th birthday was this past Friday and to celebrate we had a low key and fun weekend with the kids. The weekend started with early morning presents before work and school. 

Max's homemade card - a birthday cake picture.

We made a chocolate cake for Nick during the day, but the kids weren't happy about having to wait till the birthday boy came home.

Later that night, we roasted hot dogs (after a full dinner of sushi and cake) over the new fire pit in our backyard.

Saturday morning we took a ride to the zoo. 

While at the zoo, Max and Nick wanted to live on the wild side and braved a tall obstacle course.

Walking across the rope bridge.

Teddy got a little tired of watching the big boys on the course, so he took a little snooze in the stroller (here he was just pretending to rest, but later did pass out).

Sunday morning the boys started piling up more wood for the fire pit.

Our weekend ended Sunday night with Nick's annual turkey dinner and plenty of football to watch.

Happy birthday, Nick!! We love you more and more each day.

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