Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Winter Storm

Valentine week here was supposed to be filled with school parties and loads of candy, but instead we got hit with what the news said was one of the worst snow storms in 10 years! Mind you, we only got about 6-8" total, but for a city that rarely sees a dusting of snow each winter, this was a huge deal. School shut down early Tuesday and was out the rest of the week. Fortunately for Max and Violet they loved every second of being stuck home and playing out in the snow sled riding or building snowmen. Unfortunately, Teddy caught a nasty virus and was bedridden for a few days with a fever and chills. Despite the school party cancellations/delays, we made our own fun with candy, chocolates, flowers, movie nights, and homemade valentines. 

Stuck inside, but obviously making himself comfortable.

After the 2nd day of snowfall, I started getting deja vu from the first week we moved to Cedarburg where we saw a blizzard for the first time. Expected in Wisconsin, not in the south! 

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