Friday, February 7, 2014

We've Been Busy

From school events to birthday parties to sicknesses to homework projects to Nick traveling for work to gymnastics, we've had a busy month - hence the silence here. Luckily, I always have my camera phone on hand and have been able to capture just some of those busy moments.

One week when Nick was out of town, we took an impromptu walk to the cupcake shop in town. So worth it! 

In early January, I flew to Chicago (alone) for a quick weekend visit and was lucky enough to celebrate Auntie Jessica's 40th birthday with her and the little lovebug, Lexi!  

Taking advantage of my solo trip home, my Mom and me spent the day downtown and stumbled upon this American Girl lego statue (and Chicago skyline below). Even when I'm alone, everything reminds me of my babies!

Indoor pool time. 

Max's new obsession - checkers. And believe you me, he's good, like really good. 

Selfie from a day at Violet's beauty shop.

Fresh cookies laying on the counter equals one little weasel discovering them and doing anything possible to get to them.

Teddy's new obession - the sink. Would stay here all day watching the water if I let him.

Max climbing the rope during tumbling class.

A visit to the Discovery Museum where Nick had as much fun creating as the kids.

Our first (somewhat) major snow fall. Somewhat in the sense that we got 1 1/2", but major in the sense that school shut down for almost 3 days! Wish I was a kid growing up here.

Our backyard has a fairly good sledding hill. If only we had a little more snow, it would have been perfect. 

Three days after the snow fell, we were back outside riding bikes, playing at the park and enjoying the warmer temps.

Violet's new obsession - tank tops. It's all she wants to wear, all day, every day.

A cute surprise package from Mamaw and Papa Ober came with this puzzle, which Max assembled pretty quickly. The kid works fast! 

On her way to yet another birthday party, Violet all decked out in a perfect purple get up.

My oversized baby playing in the car waiting for sister to get out of school.

Hope all is well family and friends! Happy Friday!

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