Wednesday, July 2, 2014

End of School Year

I may be a couple months behind on this, but I figured the pictures were too cute to waste away! Here are some snapshots from Max's last week of Kindergarten.

Max's final homework notebook completed! Hard to believe, but every day (even weekends and holidays), he had an assignment. 

Mrs. Wyndham and Max 

He received the "Wonderful Writer" award for his creative stories. 

Mrs. Harris and Max

Off to school for one last time.

On Max's final day, we hosted a small party at our house for his class. The kids had a blast hanging together one last time before summer break. And since most likely he won't have many of these kids in his class next year (there are 6 different classes), it was fun to see them as a group one last time.

Off to 1st grade he goes!

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