Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teddy Turns Two!

We celebrated Teddy's 2nd birthday a day early as Nick was attending his brother's bachelor party in Louisville, KY on Saturday. So in any case, Teddy got enough cake and presents to last him another year! And while Daddy was gone, we ventured out around town, played in a jumpy house, and enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner (Teddy's favorite). 

Now as a solid two year old, Teddy has seemed to expand his vocabulary to include complete sentences such as, "Mama, come over hereeeeeeee now!" Not only has his language developed tenfold, his decimal level has, too! He's obsessed with all construction vehicles, loves pizza and pasta and cookies (who doesn't?) and is our best sleeper to date. Even with his strong commands and many a day tantrums, comes a gentle loving boy who still enjoys being carried by Mama and Daddy and snuggles in the morning and before bed. He's truly our baby boy and makes us all smile each and everyday. 

Happy 2nd birthday, Theodore John!

Latest doctor visit: Weighed 28 lbs (50%), grew to 36" tall (90%) and still has a massive head (95%)!

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