Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Key West

After our 14 hour drive in, the little man was tuckered out and clearly cared less where he was going to sleep!

Our first night, we all had dinner at Blue Heaven along with the roosters, baby chicks, and a shot of tequila for my Mom (due to a lost bet of hers)! 

We celebrated everyone's birthday milestones with a delicious brunch on Sunset Key (the same place we celebrated Richard's 60th birthday ten years ago)! And to think none of these kids existed then!

Uncle Ryan and us toured an old Navy ship on a scorching hot day. 

One night, Nick and I escaped out for dinner and drinks. We stuffed ourselves with scallops and wine then headed to a dessert bar for more (and it wasn't just your normal dessert bar - note uncomfortable picture above). 

Fishing trip with Grandpa where Max caught the first fish on board. And we later brought their catches to a local place for lunch!

And the kids even got to ride around town on their preferred mode of transport.

We made it home after another long travel day, but were sad to leave paradise. Until next time, KW!

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