Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Sports

Max took a week-long soccer camp through the YMCA. His coaches were young students from England, who even after the end of the week, Max still didn't know their names as he couldn't understand their accents! Nevertheless, he seemed to love it (even in the hot temps) and made a couple friends along the way. 

Going in a for a goal. Sadly, the goalie got to it before he did.

Shaking hands after the game.

On the sidelines.

Max's biggest fans.

Getting his certificate at the end of the week.

Every Saturday morning, our town offers free t-ball practice for kids. Nick helps coach each week while Max learns about running bases, hitting, and fielding balls. During the last practice, Max won the farthest throw in his age group! He was elated.

Warm up jumping jacks. 

Running bases.

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