Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Pictures of Our Life

We're slowly unpacking some boxes out of storage and came upon our play doh. Kids were thrilled!

And after many permanent messes made in our old house, play doh is strictly an outdoor toy in our new place!

This is what Max does at 9:30 at night when he's supposed to be sleeping. 

We visited a nearby Farmers Market last week and Miss Violet was begging for a glitter tattoo (that is until she saw Cotton Candi - the lady who was applying them)! 

Just a normal naked dinner time.

Bonnie and Clyde

Searching for bad guys. I think all they ended up finding were some lonely spiders.

Mini mani for the gal.

Bike ride with my boys.

Waiting for our table on a Friday night. Found a delicious restaurant close by with all local food. Slowly discovering nearby treasures.

Learning a little about the "Fort" in Fort Mill.

Playing bride. 

My own mini stylist (note all her tools). Every time I take a shower, she pops in afterwards and wants to "do" my hair. Yes, please and thank you!

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