Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini House Tour

Since the kids pretty much run our lives these days, it's only fitting that they have the coolest rooms in our house! Here is a tour of what we've done over the past couple of months.

We finished off the ceiling and installed new carpet. It doesn't feel like a basement anymore, but rather a quiet, cool place where the kids can run wild and we can relax. 

Max's Room
When we emptied the nursery, we gave Max the queen bed and a couple new pieces of furniture. Nick painted the accent wall and added some baseball memorabilia. He sleeps like a king! 

His baseball collection from all over the country. 

Violet's Room 
A little violet oasis for our girl. She received Max's old furniture with a couple new pieces to match.

Her room was inspired by the bottom card seen here given to me by my Mom when Violet was born. 

The Nursery 
I'm thrilled how it all turned out. A cute nautical theme, but still simple and modern. Now if only he'll come out to actually see all the work we've done! 

A lot of items in the room were DIY, which helped me keep the cost down. Although Nick will beg to differ!

Starfish from Hawaii.

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