Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping and Strawberry Fest

Friday night, Nick and Max decided to camp out in the backyard. We came home late from the concert in the park and the boys put up the tent in the dark while Violet was put to bed. After the tent was built, they made s'mores and set to bed. Both guys were asleep quickly and slept till after 7am (which is shocking considering the sun rises at about 4:00am these days).

Come Saturday, I was determined to walk Baby Steve out at the Strawberry Fest - yet I sit here Monday afternoon and still no baby! But in any case, we had a great time at the Fest with Nani and Grandpa and enjoyed many strawberry-flavored treats.

Lights out!

The duck race we didn't win.

The next Neil Armstrong (hopefully not that crazy lady astronaut who still wears a diaper)!

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