Friday, February 24, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Waking up this morning and seeing snow on the ground and two kids who woke up way before they should have on top of having runny noses, had me begging for spring. So, if spring refuses to come to us, we decided to come to it and go fishing. Courtesy of the Mini-Eco blog, we created our own basement pond using pencils, yarn, magnets, paper clips and a cute little fish template.


Violet reeled in a few, too.

After I told Max that worms are used as bait for real fish, I'm not so sure he'll want to do the real thing just yet. So, I guess this is good practice.

After a long day on the boat, we needed a little entertainment.

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  1. Yeah...looks great Brooke. Hope the kids had fun (and are better now). My kids and I all ill too! Roll on spring!