Tuesday, February 7, 2012

18 Months

At 18 months old, our little girl has become quite the character. She'll give you a dozen different smiles, laughs and gestures that can make your day in a second. Over the past month, her vocabulary seems to have doubled and she's even putting two words together (something a two-year old should be doing according to our doctor). She'll give you a sweet "tank you", a stern "nooo" and a winey, but heart-tugging "mommy daddy!" Max has taken the lead in teaching her new words, which usually ends in giggles and slap-happy behavior from both of them. And Violet has taken the role of disciplinarian when she'll start counting to Max to give a toy back (obviously repetition from us). 

Her laughter is infectious and she'll even chuckle along with a stranger who belts out a loud laugh. She runs, climbs (on everything) and bounces her way around the house. She'll happily sit down for a meal and after begging for "mo" about seven times, she's done and ready to move where she'll make the rounds around the table chairs eating off of everyone else's plates. She's popped her first four molars through which I believe attributed to the nasty colds and bugs she suffered all last month. She still seems to follow her brother's growth chart in reaching the 95% for height at 33 1/2" and only 22 lbs, 12 oz. for weight which she maintains in the 30%. We are so in love with her personality each day and enjoy watching her and Max play and bond together. Our household dynamic will dramatically change come summertime, so for now, we're trying to enjoy one-on-one time when we can. 

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