Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Birthday

A year ago today, Violet entered our lives and brought more joy to our family than we could have ever imagined. Her smiles, giggles, loud babbling, constant movement and funny gestures make every day a blessing. The moment she wakes up, she looks around for her big brother to enter the room (which is usually very loudly) and gives the biggest smile you've ever seen. She is addicted to climbing stairs and is starting to climb on anything else that is taller than she (which is everything!) She'll eat about any food you put on her tray and does not enjoy being spoon-fed anymore. She has inherited her Nani's love for sweets as she devoured a cupcake tonight for her birthday treat. We are busy preparing for her birthday celebration this weekend and look forward to many more celebrations with our sweet angel. Happy birthday baby girl.

A big stack of birthday pancakes.

Cupcake time.

Our little one-year old.

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