Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Party

Our cupcakes and cocktails birthday party was a success. Violet successfully ate too much cake and received too many gifts and I successfully had a horrible hangover the next day! Fun was had by all.

Me and my ladies - Thelma and Louise!

Jessica enjoying quiet nap time with little Jimmy (her big Jimmie was jealous!)

Big Nani and Aunt Vi telling Violet that when her mother goes on vacation, she'll never come back (which is what they used to say to me!) Why my parents ever left me with these two, I'll never know! 

Violet eating the 'O'

Every woman wanted a piece of Jimmy that day.

Surprise celebration for Uncle Rory.

Just love his little face.

Her first purse. If she's anything like her Nani, definitely not her last.

And another surprise birthday song. 

The best day we've had with family and friends. Thank you to everyone who joined us!


  1. Hahaha Nani and Aunt Vi are HILARIOUS! I wish I could hang out them all the time! What a great party! Thanks again for having us!

  2. Looks like your party was a success. So sorry we could not make it.