Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

With our back-to-back birthdays this week, we've had a busy few days. Nani and Grandpa came to visit on Tuesday and watched the kids while Nick and I went out for my birthday. Considering it was a Tuesday night, we didn't party till dawn (although even if it was the weekend, I doubt we'd ever make it to dawn)! Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early to celebrate Max's 3rd birthday with gifts, a pancake breakfast and play time at the park. After Nani and Grandpa departed, Max had a couple neighbor friends come to play and stay for a pizza dinner. Lots of cupcakes later, the kids (and me) were dragging our tails. Early to bed for all and we were happy to have our birthday bonanza come to an end.

We settled for 3 candles instead of 30.

New scooter.

Playing at the park. I think Nani and Grandpa were having a better time than the kids!

No longer the birthday girl, but that didn't stop her from stealing the spotlight!

1st birthday cupcake of the day.

Killing time before Daddy got home. My back and shoulders are paying for it today!

A competitive game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

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