Monday, March 16, 2015

Forgetting Winter Part 2

Having fun while we shopped for new bedroom furniture. 

Max's basketball game.

Violet chopped 5 inches off and ended up with an adorable angled bob. 

Another big change in our house was saying goodbye to the crib that housed all the kids for over 6 years. It was a sad moment, but exciting to be done with that "stage." 

Violet with friends at gymnastics.

Over the holidays, we noticed Max squinting and straining his eyes while watching TV and reading. So he had a thorough exam at the eye doctor and passed with perfect vision. Since then, we haven't noticed any squinting, so assuming it was just a little habit that passed.

Another day, another tantrum at the store for this guy. When does this "stage" end again??? 

We took a short hike one day on the search for geodes in our local trails. Kids did find a good handful of them.

Digging the rocks up were his favorite part - go figure.

A little silly fun after Sunday brunch one weekend. 

Max has taken to Minecraft these days and will draw up his "plans" while at school to then come home and build them in on the iPad. Pretty cool to see his creations.

Some more basketball.

Some more gymnastics.

Shopping for Teddy's new bedding. Can you guess what he picked??

Camping out.

Spotted some original artwork hanging in the hallway while helping out in Max's class last month.

His first night in his big bed. 

And even kept up his normal nap schedule. Unfortunately, that has all changed since his pacifier walked away! 

Tree climbing with brothers.

Nick's Mom and Dad came to visit and help watch the kids one weekend in February while Nick and me took a trip to New York City. 

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