Monday, March 16, 2015

Forgetting Winter Part 1

I'd like a do-over this year. Our winter has been filled with sicknesses, viruses, ear infections, stomach bugs, fevers, coughs, runny noses and more. We've had a couple weeks of school-free snow days, canceled practices and finally rid Teddy of his last pacifier. So you can clearly see how much I'd like to forget our winter this year and start fresh with Spring. We're expecting sunny and high 70s this week here and I couldn't be more excited. Not to mention we leave next week for Spring Break! 

In any case, while we were riddled with illnesses, we still had a little fun. Here are some highlights from the past few months.  

Max's 1st grade class during his holiday party late last year.

Santa brought Violet a cooking set and monogrammed apron, so she's been busy making yummy treats for all. 

Max is loving all board games these days and really knows how to negotiate a deal. Monopoly is his favorite!

The kids had a gift exchange with a group of their friends before Christmas. Here they are helping open for all.

We made it Cincinnati on our first stop for Christmas and the kids were thrilled to see some snowflakes.

Our next road trip up to Chicago with a sick Max trying to rest in the backseat and Violet annoying everyone with recording pictures of us all.

Back home in Chicago with Grampy at the park.

Christmas Eve at my Aunt Linda's house with the Draper family.

Christmas morning at Nani and Grampy's

Santa came to visit, too. And still not one kid wanted anything to do with him.

While in Chicago, we took a trip downtown to the Field Museum.

Back in Cincinnati after Christmas for our final journey back home.

Back home right before New Years Eve.

Waiting to see Nick during his New Years Day 15K race. Thankfully, it was a perfect weather day.

A little outdoor street hockey after a bad Bengal's playoff loss.

It was a long trip over the holidays and naps were slim to none. So Teddy made up for it by falling asleep anywhere he wanted.

A little fort fun on a chilly day.

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