Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We're back from our week long vacation to Florida. Despite the torrential downpour the first few days, we still enjoyed every minute. We explored Key Largo with a resort scavenger hunt, had fun at the hotel pools, and met lots of unique characters in Key West! Nick and I even managed to have a date night to celebrate our 6th anniversary, courtesy of Nani. We flew back on an early morning flight and arrived home in Wisconsin by afternoon. Our last vacation as a family of four was full of good times and fun memories.

Watching our airplane arrive.

Since the rain spoiled our chances of enjoying Ft. Lauderdale outdoors, we ventured to the local discovery museum.

Our first hotel night. In the morning, Nick was asleep on this couch and I was at the foot of the bed, sleeping horizontally with the kids snuggled up against me. 

Scavenger hunt in Key Largo.

Violet collected all the wrist bands from the hunt. 

Celebrating finding our last clue.

First dip in the ocean. 

On the way to our final stop - Key West. 

The lighthouse we ALL climbed.

Climbing up the lighthouse. This is why she was carried - her whole body could fit through!

It's amazing how much fun you can have playing in a tree!

While Violet and Nick napped, Max and me ventured out on the town. 

A little drink at Margaritaville.

Sharing a Key Lime Pie on a stick - heaven! 

A neighbor in our condo complex was growing pineapples. Not sure this plant would harvest in WI.

"You talkin to me?"

A day at the beach.

Bikini babe hanging at the pool.

Some new shades for Violet.

Nick and I took a short boat ride to Sunset Key to celebrate our anniversary. With this view, we were tempted to stay there for the rest of the trip!

Six years and almost 3 kids. Hard to believe how time flies when you're living a crazy life. 

This was supposed to be the only sunset we would see, but unfortunately, it was too cloudy. 

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