Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What We've Been Up to Lately

- Max has taken to our new iPad and can probably manage it better than me! He draws, paints, completes puzzles, solves memory games and even helped me out in a couple solitaire games!

- The new year also started a couple new classes for Max. He is in swimming at the YMCA and Sunday School at the Catholic church (which has fortunately given us a reason to attend as well).

- Violet will begin a weekly story time at our library while Max is in school. I figured a little one-on-one time would be good for us.

- Since the winter has been mild thus far, we've been venturing out of the house visiting new libraries, play houses and story times.

- Once the winter arrives (which I hear is tomorrow!) we won't be so adventurous outdoors. A basement/playroom organization and simplification is on our radar to make the long, cold months ahead NOT so long and cold!

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