Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

E I E I O...In 60 degree weather, we had a fun day at the Family Farm. Fed some animals, saw one of the largest turkeys I've ever seen, played around in haystacks and made our way through a cow maize.

And on this farm he had a pig!

with a moo moo here...

That's my hand by the way. Max wouldn't feed the goat with a 10 foot pole! 

How we got in and out of this silo, I'll never know. And doing this in my Missoni flats wasn't the best idea! 

Max heard his greatest echos yet.

Jumping off haystacks.

She fits perfectly on the farm in her denim jacket.

Love that look!

Took a few tries, but he made it through.

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