Friday, September 30, 2011


With the rainy and windy weather we've had this week, it officially feels like (and I guess is) Fall. This also means the fruit on our apple and pear trees have succumbed to the high winds, which has led to frequent visits from rabbits plumping themselves up on our goods. I probably wouldn't mind the visits if it were not for the turds they leave behind! So we set to work on tossing the half-eaten fruit into our compost pile in hopes this will deter any more night-feedings. And we also picked a few more ripe pears for ourselves.

The tree in danger from Peter Rabbit.

She's ready to work.

My Violet's violet coat! 

Our compost pile.

Picking a few for a delicious treat.

After she understood what we were doing, she started taking fruit from the tree rather than the ground and threw those in the compost. 

Need to find a good recipe for our pickings.

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