Friday, October 10, 2014

Interview with a 6 Year Old

Editor's Note: I've been trying for almost two months now to get a solid answer on any of these questions from our resident 6 year old. So, instead of pulling teeth, I'm answering these questions on his behalf. And quite frankly, I know this kid probably better than he knows himself most days!! 

What is your favorite...?

Breakfast - Waffles
Lunch/Dinner - Mac and cheese
Fruit - Sliced bananas or orange slices (thanks to his recent soccer game half time snack)
Vegetable - None, but I can coax him into eating green beans most nights
Drink - Slushies
Toy - Legos
TV Show - Spongebob, Wild Kratts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dino Dan (this list can go on)
Song - Not so much a particular song, but will listen to any Luke Bryan one
Game - Domino Rally
Book - Fly Guy
Color - Blue
Sport - Soccer and Football
Subject in School - Recess

In my own words...

While Max loves to run around and be crazy with friends and his siblings, he also will sit for hours creating legos, building structures out of anything, or use the iPad to draw different football team helmets! He is very creative, studious, stubborn, argumentative but has a belly laugh and smile like no other. He's our left-handed writer who can now tie his shoes, swim underwater, take his own shower, read and write beautifully (seriously he has better hand writing than Nick), and use the remote control (stellar skill to acquire) on his own. Thank you, Max for challenging us daily and making us two very proud parents. 

Six Year Stats: Height - 46 1/4" and Weight - 47 lbs


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