Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Vacation

Charlotte to Chicago to Cincinnati to Charlotte. Ten days away from home was an eternity for us all, but we had a great time celebrating with our families. Despite an ear infection and one vomiting episode, we made it home safe and sound!

Helping Nani make snowball cookies.

Helping make messes. 

On the other side of the Midwest, Max and Nick stopped in Cincinnati on their way up to Chicago and enjoyed a few trips around town. 

The Ober Men

Back in Chicago, we got a chance to have a fun playdate with friends - Maddie Nichols

And we got to meet the newest addition, Frankie Hepner.

Cousins clowning around at Kevil's.

Visiting with  Aunt Carol and Courtney in Muenster.

Celebrating Lexi's first birthday!

The gal has got style!

Christmas Eve - on the way to the party.

Christmas morning. 

After waking Uncle Ryan up early, it was only fitting to jump all over him!

Leo and his first Ninja Turtle, Leonardo. 

This little guy cracks me up!

While everyone was still opening gifts, we found this guy attacking the appetizer table!

On our way back to Cincinnati, we stopped in Indy to see Uncle Ryan at work. And Teddy enjoyed making the Savvy department at Nordstrom, his playground.

Cincinnati with the Obers.

It is so wonderful how all the kids jump right back into best of friends even having not seen each other in months. I love family.  

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