Monday, November 11, 2013

Pictures from Our Everyday Life

The 16 month old who refuses to sit in his booster seat for longer than 5 minutes. 

Violet invited a friend from preschool over last Friday for a playdate. Piper was happy to join us for lunch and princess dress-up. 

One afternoon last week after naps, I sent Violet and Max to get a snack for themselves. Violet came back with carrot sticks and Max came back with smarties. Go figure.

My attempt at her requests for braids, buns, princess do's and more. 

We sold off one of our very first purchases as a "couple" (and by the far the comfiest couch I've ever laid on) this past week. We are turning the rarely used sitting room/den into a homework/craft room for the kids. 

An early morning Ninja Turtles play session with Daddy before work. The boys loved it.

I adore my quiet mornings with this guy during the week. 

Happy Monday, friends and family!

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