Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Long Ago and Far Away

We're here and pretty much settled in (at least with boxes and such) and trying to restart a daily routine. But, with off sleep schedules, deliveries, appointments, new people to meet, schools to register at, doctors to see,  and Nick still traveling during the week, it's taken a little longer to create consistency in the house. Yet one bonus with the time change, is that the kids seem to be sleeping in an extra hour most days - at least for now!

This is really only our third week here, but it feels so long ago that we were back in Cedarburg watching Max graduate from preschool, playing for the last time with our friends, and packing up our old house. Here is a smorgasbord of photos from the past month taken mostly by cell phone (so excuse the blurry quality).

Our neighbors, Nick and Kelly, hosted a fun going-away party for us the weekend before we left. Lots of kids, adults, badminton tourney, and playing in the hot tub. A great send-off!

After a little hiccup with the buyers, it was official! 

During the long move, we spent most of our time next door playing with Regie. Best buds.

All the moving wore the little guy out (and this was the only place he could nap during the day)!

Teddy Spaghetti and me at the airport. I thought/prayed he would sleep the whole flight, but instead was the in-flight entertainment. 

Hotel party! 

Kids loved the empty house.

Violet taking her first nap in her new room - just minus a bed.

Boxes here and toys first things out.

The first week we moved in, Nick's Mom came to visit for the week. It was a blessing to have her here and the kids loved every minute.

Baby got back...or someone forgot to take her regular diaper off. Now you know why they make swim diapers!

Not long after we moved in, we traded in Nick's rusty car for this family fun vehicle. I hear a Griswold family road trip in the future!

While Nick was away last week, I ventured out to the community pool with all three kids alone. Luckily, this guy still doesn't mind sitting in the stroller having a snack. 

Over Father's Day weekend, we went for little hikes to a park, made it back to the pool and relaxed the days away.

Father's Day snuggle.

Violet ready for the father/daughter tea party.

Big brother already teasing.

Teddy liking our new rocking chairs.

After registering Violet for preschool, I felt it was high time we got off our lazy butts and finally potty trained this kid. We're on day 3 and I'm ecstatic to report she is doing great! 

Our screened in porch off the kitchen. The first room in the house completely done!  

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