Monday, October 15, 2012

Preparing for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching and having a little quiet time with just the two of us in the afternoons, Max and me set to work on some fun crafts and decor for fright night. 

Creating our goofy spiders. Found here.

Max's spider, Riley (named after his buddy at school).

My spider, Sunshine. I'll admit that making a silly craft clears my head and puts a smile on my face. If we had the time, I'd do this everyday.  

Putting together our ghosts (made from garbage bags) for the tree in our front yard. Our next idea is a scarecrow for the front porch. 

Last week, after dinner, we received a surprise at our door. We were "Booed!" This apparently is a neighborhood tradition where you are left a couple treats on your doorstep and then have to continue the boo to other neighbors. 

We made our boo bags and dropped them at Regie's house and a another neighbor down the street. Nick took both the kids and almost got caught after ringing the bell since Max couldn't stop giggling!

Stay tuned for our Halloween costumes. So far, Max has wanted to be a football player, cowboy, and now a rock star! Leather pants, tattoos and spiked hair here we come!

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