Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 Months

At three months old, Teddy has set into a little bit of a routine. Most nights, he is waking only once and will be up for the day by 7:30am. After his morning feeding, he'll hang out in the swing cooing, smiling and playing with his hands while everyone eats breakfast, gets dressed and cleans up. A little tummy time later and he's ready for his first nap. Usually a cat napper in the morning, he'll be awake by 10:30am and ready for an early lunch before wanting to nap again. He'll typically have a two hour nap in the afternoon and wake up ready to eat and play. From then on, it's a guessing game. He'll be tired for the rest of the evening, but struggle to take another solid nap before bedtime at 8pm. But even through those fussy couple of hours at night, he'll still gaze at you and cop a big smile when prompted. He's a sweet little guy who seems to love our crazy family.

This is pretty typical of most of his day with his big sister.

See his 1 and 2 month posts.

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