Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Pictures

We got some early trick-or-treaters.

Wishing Uncle Jimmie a belated Happy Birthday.

The pirate and his hook.

Spotting the treasure chest...or a bucket full of candy!

Tinkerbell's wings.
Chaz Bono and Tinkerbell. And no, he didn't have to buy that shirt. 

She's not falling for it.

I'm ready, Ma!

Auntie Jessica and the crew.

Relaxing after a long day.

On actual Halloween, Cedarburg has a pumpkin walk down Main St. where kids trick-or-treat in businesses. This is Max in his half-pirate costume.

He spotted a "Max" pumpkin.

Many shops were all decked out.

Her view from the seat.

A face full of chocolate.

Cold and dark at 6pm. It's starting to feel like Winter!

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