Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We had a busy holiday weekend with friends and family and firecrackers! The Nichols family stayed with us for a couple days where we listened to the Summer Sounds concert at the park, played slip-n-slide in the backyard and got a little "adult" time at Summerfest while a babysitter handled 3 kiddies. We then had an impromptu get-together with Nani, Grandpa, and Uncle and Aunt J.  On Monday, we watched the longest 4th of July parade and Max and Nick stayed up way too late for the fireworks display. It was a long and fun holiday weekend to remember.

JJ loves all things water.


She's singing the "Star Spangled Banner" 

The blonde beauties!

If you couldn't tell, Max was not a fan of sparklers. 

Donate $1 and you get to make circles in the street where you think a horse will poop during the parade!

We didn't win...or did we since we didn't have to witness it!

Watching the parade curbside.

A very touching living memorial.

Late night firework show.

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