Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6 Months Old

Today, on Groundhog Day and the day we saw the most snow in our lifetime, Violet turned 6 months old. Here's a recap of her current happenings.

Violet still loves to nurse most of the day with frequent marathons (I assume due to itchy gums or a growth spurt). Yet with high hopes, she's taken a bottle a couple times in the past few days. She's eating a little more fruits, vegetables and cereal even though about half of it ends up down her throat. She grabs the spoon, forces it into her mouth and then usually drools it back out. Quite a mess each time.

You can catch her smile from across the room and she laughs with her whole body. She loves to watch Max run circles around her and oddly enjoys it when he yells in her face. She's starting to sit upright a little more steadily and play (or eat) just about anything you give her. She's a pro at pulling out every last tissue in a kleenex box and has unwound a roll of paper towels. She has quickly figured out how to maneveur herself to reach any toy and rolls to wherever she wants to go.

Sleeping is still very inconsistent. About 4 or 5 days in a row, she'll sleep until 4:30am and the other two nights she'll wake a couple times. My saving grace is once she does wake up to feed, she'll typically sleep in until 8:00am. During the day, she naps three times with two being short, cap naps. My biggest hurdle is keeping Max entertained while I try to get her to sleep peacefully.

Violet is a joy to watch each day and I have to remind myself that time flies too fast. Happy 6 month birthday, baby girl!

 Maybe it's time for some "girly" toys

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